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Latest news

Autumn and Winter Planting Workshop

10am - 1pm
Saturday 9 September 2017
At The Swiss Garden, Near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

A workshop looking at how to get colour and interest into the 'quiet' seasons of the year. We'll be looking at plant selection, year round interest ideas and taking a walk around the Swiss Garden for inspiration. Tea and coffee provided.

Book online here: 


Design Your Garden Workshop

10am - 4pm

Saturday 8 April 2017
At The Swiss Garden, near Biggleswade, Bedfordshire


I'm doing a how to design your garden workshop and it's taking place in the wonderful Swiss Garden in Bedfordshire. The day will include looking at garden history details, inspiration and ideas, hard landscaping and planting options. Bring a rough plan of your own garden and we'll work on ideas for that as well in the practical session. Buffet lunch included plus tea and coffee.

Book online here: